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The global demand for voice and data services delivered over cellular networks continues to grow as new markets open and existing ones increase capacity. The networking infrastructure to support subscriber growth and new services have experienced aggressive expansion as the worldwide economy evolves, yet millions remain without access to even the most basic cellular services because they live outside of current coverage areas. Building-out the edge of a cellular network to incorporate remote areas of the world presents an obvious opportunity to increase subscriber levels and revenue. However, network edge extension to these regions faces unique challenges. Lack of existing infrastructure, challenging geography, and operational costs associated with connectivity to the core electronics (networks) can be prohibitive. The objective is to achieve this capability in a cost effective manner, with a network that will support a low operating expense to insure profitable service. Cellular network operators require an inexpensive and reliable alternative that can extend the edge of their networks to incorporate new or underserved markets.


By utilizing broadband IP satellite access over an iDirect powered network, cellular network operators can backhaul GSM Abis traffic from anywhere. This includes even the most remote locations and the harshest environments. More importantly, it offers an economical option without sacrificing the speed or quality that the cellular industry demands. By optimizing the Abis interface to perform functions such as silent suppression and efficient multiplexing of signaling channels, iDirect is able to significantly reduce bandwidth requirements without impacting the user experience. And, because the iDirect platform delivers a fully shared network topology, operators will enjoy greater efficiency and further bandwidth reduction as network demands and traffic patterns are groomed across multiple base stations throughout a wide geographic footprint.


Cellular backhaul over satellite is a common legacy application that has previously been supported by dedicated point-to-point satellite links (SCPC). These legacy SCPC links must be provisioned to support the peak hours at each base station (BTS) location, resulting in significant unused bandwidth during non-peak hours. Satellite transmission is very bandwidth sensitive as every kHz of satellite bandwidth must be leased and incurs additional operating cost. In an iDirect shared Abis link network environment, BTS’s in multiple time zones can be dimensioned over a single network to reflect each regions different usage characteristics. This ability insures all realtime bandwidth requirements are met, while simultaneously reducing the overall network bandwidth requirements and operating costs.


In addition to optimizing the Abis interface and efficiently managing a pool of satellite capacity at the base station level, the iDirect platform is the recognized leader in broadband IP over satellite, providing:

? The largest worldwide base of core broadband IP VSAT hubs;

? Broadband Access - The highest TCP/IP throughputs in the industry with speeds up to 18 Mbps downstream and 4.2 Mbps upstream

? The industry’s best performing and most flexible QoS capabilities

? MF-TDMA: Allows for a more efficient use of available bandwidth which results in more user IP bits/Hz

? Deterministic TDMA or D-TDMA: Contention-less access scheme that has approximately 98% payload efficiency no matter what the congestion state of the network

? Bandwidth on Demand: Rapid bandwidth allocation algorithm utilizes the bandwidth most efficiently which is particularly relevant when supporting realtime traffic applications (Abis signaling and voice)

? Capacity Optimization - 1.2 carrier spacing delivers 14% savings in bandwidth, and by using a native IP solution you save 10-50% capacity compared over inefficient MPEG encapsulation schemes found in DVB platforms

? A single and centralized NMS platform allowing the cellular network operator to manage all connections from a central location.


Extending the edge of existing GSM networks to incorporate the millions of people in regions with limited or no cellular coverage presents a huge opportunity for cellular providers. The ability to build out these networks in a cost efficient manner, and provide ongoing service profitably will be the key to opening these markets and building customer base. As the leader in

Broadband IP networking over satellite, iDirect recognizes these challenges, and has developed a solution that leverages the most efficient transport in a shared environment to deliver the industry’s most cost effective solution. By utilizing an iDirect powered satellite network to carry

GSM traffic, cellular providers will enjoy all the benefits of next generation IP networking without concern for geographic constraints, usage patterns, or call quality.


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