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Why ArcusNet:
 Calls in the ArcusNet network cost LTL 0,00 per min.
No monthly fee.
International calls
at the lowest price


What do you need to be able to use our services?

You need a PC, an Internet connection that is fast enough and headphones with a microphone. You can download the program necessary for using our connection  here. Installation Manual will help you in installing it. In order to receive all the necessary data, registration is obligatory.

How can you pay for services?

After registration and connection to our system you will be able to charge your account using the PayPal system or by a bank transfer. In the latter case you will be able to use the service the next working day. After transfer with the help of PayPal system, you will be able to make a call in several seconds.

How does it work?

When you make an Internet call, first of all, your call gets on our server, then it is directed to the operator of your talker's network. We guarantee TDM quality in all phases from our server to the operator's network (the same as of Lietuvos Telekomas). So in case you have an Internet connection fast enough, you may enjoy high quality services.

What information can you get in our call billing system?

After connection to our system you may:
1. Check your account balance.
2. Monitor where and when you have called.
3. Check your pricelist.

If you need more information,

please contact us any time and we will do our best to help you.
Our contacts:
telephone + 370 5 210 9003.

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