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Tariff Plans for Sirius-2 PanEuropean Beam

Internet services via Sirius-2 PanEuropean Beam are provided according to the following tariff plans: Prepaid.


Prepaid is the best choice for users desiring to pay for the limited amount of traffic received with the guaranteed bandwidth. Prepaid users have a possibility to considerably economize while receiving the data in different day times. 

Speed, Kbit/sec 0:00-8:00 8:00-18:00 18:00-24:00

128 Kbps




256 Kbps




512 Kbps




1024 Kbps




Per 1 Gb, time — GMT+2. Please follow the link in the table corresponding to the chosen tariff plan to purchase the subscription.

Connection types:
— Dynamic (connection by sessions) - PPTP VPN and through the Slonax Internet accelerator. For VPN connections static IP address can be provided for an additional charge.
— Static (permanent connection) - static connection on the provider IP subnet provided without using tunnels and a tunnel connection* (IP-IP, GRE, PPP-SSH). IP addresses from the provider block can be provided for an additional charge.
Validity period: while there is a positive balance on a Subscriber’s Personal Account. In case there is no activity shown during the period of 180 days - statistics will be deleted, the Account will be blocked and no claims will be considered.
An amount of the minimum advanced payment: USD 20.
Free access to the Satellite Internet accelerator Slonax is allowed for all connection types.

* Initial connection by tunnel is provided without any additional fee. After successful connection one time charge for each change of tunnel settings of $5 will be applied. The connection is to be treated as successful by customer's confirmation or if no complains from the customer to the provider are received within 5 days from the day the e-mail with tunnel settings has been sent to the customer.

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