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Tariff plans for Yamal-200-2

Internet services via Yamal-200-2 are provided according to the following tariff plans: Traffic Packet.

Traffic Packet

Traffic Packet is the best choice for the Providers needing a certain amount of traffic but for technical or economic reasons considering not to buy dedicated speed service (CIR flat-rate). Traffic Packet is also suitable for backup channels organization.  

(Maximum Bitrate)
10 Gb 25 Gb 50 Gb 100 Gb 150 Gb

1024 Kbps






2048 Kbps






Please follow the link in the table corresponding to the chosen tariff plan to purchase the subscription.

Connection types:
— Dynamic (connection by sessions) - PPTP VPN and through the Slonax Internet accelerator. For VPN connections static IP address can be provided for an additional charge.
— Static (permanent connection) - static connection on the provider IP subnet provided without using tunnels and a tunnel connection* (IP-IP, GRE, PPP-SSH). IP addresses from the provider block can be provided for an additional charge.
Validity period: 30 days from activation. In case there is no activity shown during the period of 180 days - statistics will be deleted, the Account will be blocked and no claims will be considered.
An amount of the minimum advanced payment: 50 USD.
Free access to the Satellite Internet accelerator Slonax is allowed for all connection types.

* Initial connection by tunnel is provided without any additional fee. After successful connection one time charge for each change of tunnel settings of $5 will be applied. The connection is to be treated as successful by customer's confirmation or if no complains from the customer to the provider are received within 5 days from the day the e-mail with tunnel settings has been sent to the customer.

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